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Automatic Colour Measurement Lovibond PFXi-880/P heated
  • Automatic Colour Measurement Lovibond PFXi-880/P heated

Automatic Colour Measurement Lovibond PFXi-880/P heated Mineraloils, Waxes, Petrochemicals

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The PFXi series of spectrophotometric colorimeters introduces a unique concept in liquid colour control: RCMSi technology (Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via internet). Users can benefit from the capability for remote calibration and servicing via the internet -eliminating any costs and time delays associated with servicing and guaranteeing compliance with standards. The PFXi range is supplied with a full range of colour scales for specific markets including, but not limited to, Petroleum, Edible Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Brewing and Honey. Users can upgrade scales remotely at any time. Every PFXi is supplied with colour control software for data analysis (LAN & USB cable provided). Optical glass cells, a certified glass calibration filter, a spare lamp and user instructions included. All PFXi instruments use glass optical components. This ensures that exposure to organic solvents will not have a detrimental impact on their performance. Unique long path length sample chamber –up to 6” (153 mm) Note: Colorimeters PFXi-880,-950,-995 are available with an additional critical feature, an integrated heater unit. When dealing with materials such as fats and waxes whose temperature needs to be maintained at a constant temperature +10°C above the "Cloud Point" of the material, the integrated heater should be considered. Upgrades of numerous other colour scales, accessories like cuvettes, refrence standards (liquid and/or glass) available on request. Standard Colour Scales Saybolt; ASTM Colour; CIE values; spectral data Sale only to companies.