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Sack tester Venting ability and filling behavior of a bag

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With the HAVER AIRFLOW TESTER can be the venting capability and thus the filling behavior of an entire bag, including all paper and plastic layers as well as the splices. By including all sack components, especially the bonding, a holistic evaluation is possible. Various batches, bag changes and soiling For optimal bag selection can be optimally tested. Application: - Sack production - Transport and logistics - Filling Technology - That speaks for the product quality: - Optimization of bag production by determining relevant parameters - Determination of the optimum machine performance through the targeted selection of the valve bag - exact results through three different, individually switchable air flow meter - Filler to seal the bag valve reliable - different, quickly replaceable filling nozzles for different bag valve widths (1 filler neck included, additional surcharge available) - Quality control: Checking whether the air permeability of the bags is within the specifications - easy operation after the shortest briefing - wear-free operation: closed system - flexible use: mobile on wheels - reduced operating costs energy saving, only compressed air connection required - low maintenance only annual calibration (optional) Accessories (optional): five different filling sockets for sack valve widths of 75 - 220 mm (75 - 90, 90 - 120, 110 - 140, 135 - 170 and 170 - 220 mm) HAVER calibration device - Re-adjustment of the manometer - Check for internal leaks - Control of the three air flow meters Sale only to companies.