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Chairs for labor / produktion Klimastar

KLIMASTAR – The premium work chair from WERKSITZ Ergonomic • Adjustable height • Large, tilt-adjustable seat • High backrest: – Adjustable height – Supports the upper back – Relieves the spine – Protects the kidney area • Precision backrest contact pressure adjustment • Motion-synchronous pivot point shifting • Ergonomically designed seat and back cushions Our chairs offer plenty of room for healthy, dynamic sitting thanks to their ergonomic, tilt-adjustable seats and high backrests with individually adjustable contact pressure. Ergonomic innovation featur-ing motion-synchronous pivot point shifting. This prevents the user’s shirt from “riding up” as a result of an awkward reclining angle User friendly Seat positions can be adjusted easily, with just a few quick motions. Adjusting elements are functionally arranged and easy to use. Great climate Fully perforated seats and backrests provide continuous air circulation and an opti-mum seat climate* Hygienic Removable and interchange-able Soft PUR integral foam cushions ensure optimum oc-cupational hygiene, especially in multishift operations. . For further questions contact us by We will reply shortly.

Chairs for labor / produktion Klimastar

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