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Filt. face mask CE for respiration protection against biological agents valve III M/L*sell-out*

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The filtering face mask can be used for the protection against biological agents of group 2 and 3 acc to CE Directive 54/2000. Its filtering efficiency to bacteria and viruses is 99%. It can be used only once and must be exchanged every 2 working hours. Individually wrapped. At present there is no evidence of disease in humans caused by the other retroviruses of simian origin. As a precaution continment level 3 is recommended for work with them. There is no evidence in humans of infections caused by the agents responsible for other animal TSEs. Nevertheless, the containment measures for agents categorised in risk group 3 are recommended as a precaution for laboratory work, except for laboratory work relating to an identified agent of scrapie where containment level 2 is sufficient. Sale only to companies.