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Eudiometer 12 measuring points for determination of putrefaction acc. to DIN 38414. vol. 750 ml

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Device for the determination of the digestion behavior and the biological anaerobic degradability under strictly anaerobic conditions according to DIN 38414. Eudiometer measuring arrangement with 12 measuring stations each consisting of: 12 pieces glass set for eudiometers with the following specifications: - Eudiometer tube with a NS 45 to the sample bottle and 300ml filling volume top with GL 14 connection, cap and septum - sample bottle 500 ml as wash bottle made of clear glass with GL 14 on the side with a NS 45 connection on top - Level vessels 750 ml, steep-bottomed bottle with 9 mm olive at the bottom laterally 24 pieces hose clamps 12 pieces stopcock 3/2 ways 15 m connecting hose Tygon 12 pieces magnetic stirring bars size d12 x 55 mm 2 pieces of stainless steel housing of approx. 1 m height, with the special holding clamps for level vessels 1 piece of stainless steel tempering tray for two eudiometer units 2 pieces magnetic stirrer system, 6-digit immersible 1 piece control unit Telemodul 40 C 1 pcs. stainless steel under-table for the tempering trough 1 piece angular support lateral for control unit Telemodul 40 C 1 piece Quadruple distributor for control unit Option : Thermostat for a temperature range from 5°C over Rt to 60 °C Translated with (free version) Sale only to companies.