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Olfactometer TO8 compliant to EN13725
  • Olfactometer TO8 compliant to EN13725

Olfactometer TO8 compliant to EN13725

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1. Range of Application: The olfactometer TO8 meets all prerequisites of a dilution device for olfacto-metrical measurements following DIN EN 13725:2003 (D). By using the TO 8 a complete description of an odour sample is rendered possible. The TO 8 not only offers the evaluation of odour concentrations but also the evaluation of the odour intensity and the hedonic tone. By the transportability of the TO 8 you are offered the possibility of a measurement directly at the locale and directly after the sampling which is required for many measurement tasks. 2. Product Description The olfactometer TO 8 is equipped with a fully automatic dilution system which has a dilution range from 22 to 216. A constant volumetric flow is offered for all dilution intervals. The core components have been developed and constructed especially for the application of the olfactometry. The structural parts getting contact with the sample air and the neutral air are made of glas, PTFE and refined steel without any exception. The dilution system may be heated for cleaning reasons and for the measurement of temperature critical samples. Time and costs will be saved as up to four panellists can do measurements simultaneously. The low noise level promotes the panellists’ concentration while doing their measuring task. The panel places are designed ergonomically and have a glas made nose mask for outlet. The TO 8 is controlled by a control and evaluation software for Windows ’95, ’98, NT, ME. This software records the data of each presentation and response completely and chronologically thus enabling the direct control of the panellists’ reactions by presenting them on the monitor screen of the PC to be connected. The basic software for the olfactometry may be completed by a panellist management and an archive data backup. 3. Delivery Volume / Accessories Delivery Volume: - 4 Gas nose masks - 4 external yes/no buttoms for panellists - 2 Mains adaptors (TO8, heating) - 1 Computer connecting cable - Control software basic: Dynamic Olfactometry on CD - 5 m Compressed air connecting pipeline - compressed air connection (8mm external) 4. Technical data Dimension, L x W x H, a) assembled, b) transport size: a) 650 x 650 x 470 mm, b) 650 x 650 x 270 mm Weight: 17 kg Dilution principle : Gas jet pumps Control mechanism of volumetric flow: Calibrated measuring orifice disk Surplus outlet for sample air: Outlet air via active coal filter Number of outlets for odour samples: 4 Nbr. of panellists simultaneously on device: 4 Design of olfactometric exit: Non-sealing glas masks Volumetric flow of odour sample: Min. 1,2 m3/h each place (inhaling phase) Greatest set dilution: 216 Smallest set dultution: 22 Interval Stepps: Factor 2 Standards deviation of setting of dilution stages: < 10% Response time: < 1 s Setting time: < 1 s Sale only to companies.