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Steam sterilizer HG 80 chamber volume 80 l max. 135 °C BxDxH:
  • Steam sterilizer HG 80 chamber volume 80 l max. 135 °C BxDxH:

Steam sterilizer HG 80 chamber volume 80 l max. 135 °C BxDxH: 455x691x1030 mm 3,8 kW 230 V

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Specifications Capacity 80 liters Size 364x730 mm ØxW Comoros External Size 455x691x1030 WxDxH mm Temperature 105. .. 135 ° C Max. pressure 2.5 bar The water consumption of 1 liter / cycle Power 3.7 KW Power 230 Volt/50Hz Net weight 73 kg Max. 3 stars baskets Standard equipment: Automatic microprocessor control 12 programs Timer-controlled program of the night - thanks to sterilization in the night in the day room remains cool Agar program - a program of dogrzewaniem to maintain a position in soft agar The sterilization temperature of liquid exclusion from 60-95 ° C (adjustable) The sterilization of solid to glass and instruments She loves the camera feature Large illuminated display, an indication of the current phase of sterilization Electronic pressure indicator, pressure and temperature regulation The container for the condensate with the liquid-level indicator of almost total absence of steam and odors Effluent valve to facilitate cleaning of Comoros Common wires to the output jack Plate to the bottom of the dish and making baskets Wheels - enable moving equipment and washing the floor below it RS 232 port to the documentation process Cooler air associated with the Opening and closing the lid button Security: The valve security checked by TÜV Maximum pressure control device Automatic Locking the door, the gradual closing of limited spężyną Sensor Monitoring the presence of solids under the cover, and possible injury to the hands zakliszczenie Comoros safety thermostat and heating elements The sterilization can not be changed after the start of the cycle Answer by TÜV Bayern, the Office of Technical Inspection, CE mark Description Closure and sterilization chamber are made of stainless steel alloy chromoniklowej (V2A). Internal surfaces are polished to facilitate electrolytic cleaning. Housing powder painted exterior, easy to clean. Deeply embedded main switch to protect against unintentional inclusion. The level of water supply is monitored and in case of insufficient quantities indicated. In order to protect the heating element is built-in lock for inclusion niedopuszcejąca device for low water. The optional power supply automatically adjusts the water level of the water itself. A standard built-in condenser vapor cools and condenses. Unpleasant smell and overheating the tubes odprowadzających condensate are thus eliminowane.Pojemnik on a condensate level in the display and can be easily emptied. Filling height 750 mm, with no edges and the mesh on which they can hang baskets. Central locking device opens and closes with. During the start-up is closing 6 zworzni blocking. As an option is available thermal lock (as in GRT 402 and DIN 61010-2) sterilization of liquid, releasing only when the castle will be achieved when the temperature (boiling point of transfer), ensuring the safe open the cover. The lid remains closed as long as there is a higher pressure. The upper part of the cover is made of odpornwego the high temperature and nienagrzewającego the plastic protecting the user against burns. The lid opens to the back and not interfere with the loading. Is integrated with the seal and lifting the lid on the top is not exposed to damage by inserting baskets. Comoros fall to 3 baskets. Automatic microprocessor with the Ministers heating There are 12 programs: The sterilized liquid heating The sterilization of the liquid without heating The glass and the instruments The Agar Sterilization time and temperature can be adjusted before the start of the program. Also, cooling time can be regulated. In this way the media can be sterilized sensitive to temperature. Launch of the night is a programmable timer. This allows you to pass and the receipt of additional working agar prepared on time start. Dogrzewania feature allows you to delay or interruption in their work without fear agar cool. The choice of the time gives the possibility of sterilization venting tubes Durhama. Of the program is automatic. The temperature is measured in sterylizowanym medium (using a flexible temperature-sensor option) or a built-in sensor in the chamber. Adjust the temperature on the principle of supervision and optimization of pressure in order to shorten the heating time. This is achieved faster cycles with low energy consumption. If registration is required on the computer, install the connector RS232 (installation is free). For documentation and archiving on the PC, the software must be ordered from HMC-Sego Catalog No 9011024. Sale only to companies.