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Flame photometer BWB-XP to determine the concentration
  • Flame photometer BWB-XP to determine the concentration

Flame photometer BWB-XP to determine the concentration Na-K-Li-Ca-Ba

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The BWB-XP Flame Photometer is a high quality, high performance instrument, employing modern technology to measure 5 elements (Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba) very simply but with extremely accurate results. The Flame Photometer comes as a complete package, and only requires the provision of either propane or butane gas to enable it to be used straight out of its package. The BWB-XP Flame Photometer - just add gas! The many built in features of this flame photometer comprise: Individual detectors for Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba, plus a Flame (IR) Sensor Simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements Digital processing eliminates the need for internal standard methods. Two point or multi point calibration Choice of calibration units: ppm, mg/l, meq/l, mmol/l Unit retains calibration values when in use. Automatic start up routine Flameout detection and automatic shutdown Self diagnostics on set up. Diagnostic indicators Detection to ensure drain trap filled Modular sub component replacement In built air compressor Electronic air control optimises performance RS232 and USB computer interface Windows based monitoring software SRM (Simple Reporting Module) that allows PC connection for data logging, GLP reporting format, file retention and internet sharing of data. FP - PC. Chart recorder output 0-1V full scale Gas regulator fitted Can be used with propane, butane, LPG Universal voltage input CE Compliant Instruction manual and methods book provided. Aspiration Rate: 3-4ml/min. Optimal Ranges: Single Point Calibration: Multi Point Calibration: Na - 0.05 - 60ppm. Na - 0.05 - 1000ppm. K - 0.05 - 100ppm. K - 0.05 - 1000ppm. Li - 0.1 - 50ppm. Li - 0.1 - 1000ppm. Ca - 2.5 - 100ppm. Ca - 2.5 - 1000ppm. Ba - 30 - 3000ppm. Reproducibility: <1% coefficient of variability for 20 consecutive samples over 10 minutes (after instrument stabilisation) at concentrations of 100ppm or less. Limits of Detection: Na - 0.02ppm. K - 0.02ppm. Li - 0.05ppm. Ca - 1.0ppm. Ba - 10ppm. Time to Stability: Less than 15 seconds after sample is introduced into the flame. Drift: Less than 1% per 30 minutes after instrument stabilisation. Specificity: Na/K/Li = <0.5% to each other when equal in concentration at <100ppm. Number of Parameters Measured: Simultaneous display of Na, K, Ca, Li Ba. Size: 51 cm high x 38 cm wide x 41 cm deep. Weight: Instrument = 14 kg Sale only to companies.