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Corrosion tester, 450 l test chamber content
  • Corrosion tester, 450 l test chamber content

Corrosion tester, 450 l test chamber content

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Corrosion test chambers are designed for continuous salt spray testing, which at one time the conventional salt spray test is carried out in one customer-specified temperature two-part cycle combined with another, such as combined with the standards climate parameters. Example: ASTM B117, DIN EN ISO 9227, JIS Z 2371 etc. They can be operated with pH-neutral (NSS), acetic (ASS) or copper chloride (CASS) salt solutions. Premium models also have additional features that allow modified test procedures. Standard These models are designed for such as the ASTM G85. The conventional salt spray test is combined with another climate parameter in a two-part cycle. Example: Salt spray and condensation (SWAAT) or salt spray with drying phase (Prohesion). Characteristics: - Control panel with color touch screen with icons for easy and intuitive programming and operation - RJ45 COM port (LAN) for data logging and external control from a PC or creation of sequential programs by means of logging software - A configurable real-time clock allows to monitor different DUTs with different test duration. - Alarm signals report the progress of tests - Floor heating (s) in the chamber floor allow a condensate test if required. - Humidity sensor with% RH - Constant climate test with% RH display - constant climate test - Actual and setpoint display of the test chamber temperature, adjustable - Graphical representation of temperature and humidity profile (trend display) - Automatic forced ventilation before the test chamber opening after salt spray tests - Programming possibility of time-based test pauses - viewing window for viewing the samples 1 x solvent tank 80 l - Lid with pneumatic "Easy-Open" mechanism - Dry seal prevents the escape of moisture and moisture - Low loading edge facilitates loading and unloading of the test chamber Included: 1 x calibration certificate 1 x service kit on consumables 1 x set of sample holders for weather sheets (fixed angle) 1 x 5 kg Keg NaCl Corro-Salt Technical specifications: Temperature range: adjustable from room temperature to + 50 ° C Spray quantity: adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 ml per 80cm2 per hour Condensation phase: adjustable from room temperature to + 50 ° C Regulated humidity: adjustable from room temperature to + 50 ° C Dimension outside WxDxH: 1660 x 840 x 1510 mm Internal dimensions WxDxH: 1010x640x1140 mm Solvent container: 80 l Slotted sample holder, freely positionable 6 with 28 slots each (3 mm wide) Chamber construction: glass-reinforced plastic, parts made of PP or PVC Weight: 190 kg Sale only to companies.