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Gradienten-ofen 250
  • Gradienten-ofen 250

Gradienten-ofen 250

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The gradient-oven is a device for evaluating the baking and curing behavior of liquid paints, powder coatings, and resins. The gradient-oven is also used for accelerated acid-etch testing for automotive coatings. A micro-processor controls 45 heating elements that are individually controlled and monitored. A coated panel can be tested by a step gradient or linear gradient programs set-up by the user. The temperatures are precisely measured by a PT-100 probe inserted into each element. The gradient-oven consists of 45 heating elements that are individually controlled by a micro-processor. • Saves time and energy • Can quickly determine the correct cure temperature on one test panel • Can control the heat ramp up rate • The panel is precisely positioned onto the heating elements Operating temperature: 30 - 250 ° C (86 - 482 ° F), connection for temp-gard systems: built-in. Delivery: Gradient oven, Exhaust tube, Glass plate (1), Test panels (25), Marking strips (25), Operating manual Sale only to companies.