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Big Gurley Air permeability rating of bag materials
  • Big Gurley Air permeability rating of bag materials

Big Gurley Air permeability rating of bag materials

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With the HAVERR BIG GURLEY the air permeability of Packaging materials are measured and evaluated. Sack making is a constant quality control important to these materials. For this are special knowledge about the porosity and vent properties of the sack components required. By adding debris to the measuring chamber In addition, the change in the dehumidification capability can be left of product-wetted bag material. Application: sack making Transport and logistics filling technology That speaks for the product quality: enables the optimization of the containers with regard to Paper, plastic, inliner and ventilation fleece - modern measuring technology for testing of individual or several layers simultaneously - very accurate uniform air pressure even at large air volumes Venting properties with and without the influence of debris measurable - Ventilation of the measuring chamber by fine wire mesh supports and shortens the development of new packaging materials user-friendly - optimally arranged controls and displays - digital display of the measurement result (m3 / h) easy accuracy control of the digital display - Air vent, tailored to a defined air consumption Check for internal leaks - Blind plate flexible use (optional) - Trolley - different measuring ranges possible: 150 cm3 and 300 cm3 - automatic monitoring and logging of Measurement results on the PC (optional) additional components: trolley PC interface including software Sale only to companies.