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EX top fume cupboard Raster 2100 height 2730 working height 900 mm

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Table fume cupboard DELTAguard according to DIN EN 14175 parts 1-3 - Length: 2100mm - Depth: 910mm - Working height: 900 mm - Total height: 2730mm consisting of: 1.00 unit fume cupboard grid 2100 working height 900 mm - Self-supporting, integral metal frame and rack construction with rear wall installation - Aluminum dashboard frame - Sliding front window made of aluminum and laminated safety glass with 2 cross slides and integrated fall protection - Ergonomic sash handle strip, one-hand operation with twist release system for 500 mm stop - Skylight glazing for maximum transparency 1.00 pcs Fume cupboard interior with melamine resin surface on all sides - Air baffle made of solid phenolic resin panel - Extraction system for full-surface extraction above the worktop - 2 electrical panels in the rear wall of the fume hood - 12 solid polyamide stand rod holders - LED extractor light 20.8 W, 4000 K, 3375 lm - Exhaust air connection DN 250mm 1.00 pc Fume cupboard interior, conductive Fume cupboard sides and ceiling made of conductive melamine, air baffle top and bottom as well as lower rear wall in PPs-el. 1.00 piece grounding set for interior lining VA/PPs-el 1.00 pc Ex protection basic equipment Grounding of all components, front sash with fixed glazing (no transverse sash), sealing of the light support 1.00 units Fume cupboard function display according to DIN EN 14175 Display/operating unit integrated in the right fume cupboard pilaster strip: - Exhaust air display: normal (green)/too low (red)/too high (flashing green) - Window display: sliding window above opening height 500 mm (yellow) - please close. Sliding window display not for walk-in fume cupboards and deep fume cupboards with mechanical sash. - Erasable warning tone (membrane button) if the normal exhaust air volume is not reached and the sliding window is positioned above an opening height of 500 mm - Service interval display (flashing green) and service socket - Membrane button for lighting in the hood: on/off - Battery buffering 1.00 piece fine stoneware worktop grid 2100 - aerodynamically formed front beaded edge 1.00 pc Substructure grid 2100 - two-part 4 hinged doors, 2 fixed middle walls, 2 shelves, 1 installation compartment, 1 support frame with base 2.00 pcs End side for frame Electrical assembly consisting of: 1.00 pc Electric duct for fume hood grid 2100 mm 4.00 pieces Schuko socket 230 V, 16 A on the outside in the electrical duct below the worktop (NO EX zone area) 1.00 pc control switch with indicator light for fan Sanitary equipment consisting of: 1.00 pc remote control valve for compressed air Sale only to companies.