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Automatic pigment muller rpm 70-72 pressure by Leverage

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„Marshal“ Automatic Pigment Muller is the basic machine to test pigment for its properties like, strength and tone. In this equipment, pigment wetted with linseed oil of proper viscosity is given measured grinding between two roughened glass plates. Standard and sample ground in the same conditions are taken out and after taking draw down, results are compared. It is also possible to determine complete dispensability curve of a single pigment. We can also provide water cooling system if required. Specification MU-LEV Body Type: Mild Steel body with all stainless Steel Levers Mechnism : Pressure1. Pressure range: 5-80 kg / 50-150 lbs range & the mechanism is pressure by spring cartridge system. 2. Fix RPM: 70-72 through gear Box by Levera through VFD Glass Diameter: 250 mm Counter: Non Contact Type Digital Counter Drive Mechanism: Lubrication Free World Class Gearbox Electrical: Hz0.5 hp Single Phase 220 Volts 50 Hz Machine Dimensions WxLxH: 69x70x40 cm Weight: 100 kg Delivery: Machine Glas Pair- 3 Set Specula 2 Nos. Sale only to companies.