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Drum Hoop Mixer MINI-II 230V - 50 Hz
  • Drum Hoop Mixer MINI-II 230V - 50 Hz

Drum Hoop Mixer MINI-II 230V - 50 Hz

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The JEL RRM Mini-II laboratory mixer is used to mix powder to granulate products. The drum wheel mixer can also be used for coloring plastics, for mixing solid and liquid media and / or for comparable tasks. The standard version of the laboratory mixer is equipped with a 5.5 l mixing container made of plexiglass. The basic device consists of a plastic housing in soft design with metallic acting surface, with DC motor 24 V, the roller conveyor, the Rhorad Cast silumin, with built-in container base, as well as the on and off switch. The new and application-oriented control with a functionally structured foil display is located in the housing. The unit is ready to plug in in accordance with the EU directives with the CE mark and Certificate of conformity supplied. Technical specifications: - 230 V, 50 Hz, 45 W. - Speed ​​adjustable 5 - 40 rpm - Total weight: approx. 9 kg - Noise emission according to DIN 45635: 70 dB (A) - designed for a degree of filling between 40% and 70% and a maximum product weight of 5 kg Sale only to companies.