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Zytostatika Sicherheitswerkbank CytoFAST Top 212 gemäß
  • Zytostatika Sicherheitswerkbank CytoFAST Top 212 gemäß

Abluftkohlefilter ohne Muffe für CytoFAST Elite 209

Preisanfrage: info@hornik.eu.com

CYTOTOXIC SAFETY CABINET CytoFAST TOP. Conforming DIN12980 and EN12469 norms - Vertical laminar airflow cabinets, epoxy powder coated steel - work chamber inside walls of AISI-304L and work surface of AISI-316L stainless steel in 1 piece - three H14 HEPA filters - power cable with thermoformed schuko plug - microprocessor based monitoring system with audio-visual alarms system - DOUBLE FAN with automatic and indipendent regolations to keep airflow speed constant - floor standing model. Standard accessories: - one vacuum tap; - one fuel gas tap with solenoid valve; - DEHS 100% port; - one electrical socket for all cabinet sizes. Verkauf nur an Unternehmen.