Gasprobenbeutel 5L Mehr-Schicht Folie 30x30 cm PP Locking Combo Ventil + Septum VE = 10 Stck.

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    Locking Combo Valve® with septum. ALTEF is a proprietary fluoropolymer film developed specially for the air sampling market. ALTEF meets or exceeds many of the desired characteristics of Tedlar® at a significantly lower cost. • Low VOC and sulfur background levels. • Similar stability properties as Tedlar® for a wide variety of compounds, including most VOCs. • Developed as an alternative to Tedlar® film for most gas sampling applications. • Key Features: • Suitable for sampling and analysis of most VOCs within 2 days, and many sulfur compounds for up to 24 hours. • Abrasion Resistant. • Chemically Inert to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, and alcohols. • Contains no additives, fillers or pigments. • Choice of nine fitting options. • Minimal adsorption. • Superior storage for organics. • Inherently pure. • Benefits of ALTEF as compared to Tedlar®: • Significantly less expensive than Tedlar®. • Lower VOC background than Tedlar®. • Longer storage times for many compounds versus Tedlar® bags. • Unlike Tedlar®, ALTEF does not exhibit background levels of DMAC and phenol. ALTEF is not recommended for ketones or esters in high concentrations (>30%) ALTEF is not suitable for storing H2S. Our Multi-Layer Foil bags are the best choice for collecting and storing H2S.
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